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01-11 Adrift spoilers(you know the scene)
12-16 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
17-20 They Keep Killing Suzie
21-23 msc Ianto

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24 Torchwood (spoilers up to 2x09 "Something Borrowed")
08 Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck song
06 Heath Ledger
02 Heath headers

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16 Adrian and Milo icons
10 from Adrian's YouTube videos
06 from World Tour images

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UGH! The cable company turned off my cable and internet on Sunday so I missed the finale of "Rome." Me SMASH! My mom paid the bill off less than two weeks ago so I don't know what's going on. I keep reminding her to call them but she keeps forgetting. I missed internet so much that I'm actually at my school all day today. I have to register for next quarter anyway but I'm going to be picked up at 7 pm. It's 7 am now.

At least I have my SIMS to entertain me through this tough time. I have made "Heroes" SIMS.

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Slashy Screencap Recap of Parasite
Mohinder/Sylar, Nathan/Peter with random appearances. Oh, what fun.

There are major spoilers until it airs tonight.
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I have made 6 Mohinder/Sylar colorbars.

colorbars )
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The Sauna Scene from So Notorious. Sassan (played by Zachary Quinto) makes out with another guy. Yay

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Another PicSpam. This time it's dedicated to my Nathan Petrelli with appearances by other characters. Screencaps are from episodes 12 through 16 but excluding 15.

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The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of Mohinder and Sylar

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Torchwood header from the episode "Captain Jack Harkness"

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