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Most of the Upfronts are out for the new fall schedule. There's not a lot that has caught my eye but here are the ones that I'm going to check out.

Pushing Daisies )

Journeyman )

Bionic Woman )

Viva Laughlin )

I haven't seen the Upfronts for FOX but I doubt there's anything that I'll risk watching from there. RIP Wonderfalls, Firefly, Brisco County, Drive, Profit, Arrested Development, the Inside, and Futurama.
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The cast of Heroes are on the cover on Entertainment Weekly. I did my best to clear the words off of the covers. I also have two wallpapers.

EW Covers )
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I love my touchy feely cast.
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Entertainment Weekly interview with Malcolm McDowell. I don't have a scanner so I typed it up. There's also a Q&A with Tim Kring. Beware, there are definitely spoilers in the article.

Nobody's Hero )
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People and Entertainment Weekly scans of Villains, Heroes, and the Office
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