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I'm excited that a deal has been reached in the Watchmen lawsuit. Join me in a picspam?

god help us all )
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A Picspam. Because everybody knows these guys are practically triplets.
This will not be dial-up friendly.

making smoking sexy )

give me a big smile )

Javier Bardem )

Robert Downey Jr )

Jeffrey Dean Morgan )
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I've had a not so great day today so I'm going to cheer myself up with a small picture post of hot half naked men. Huzzah!

It's raining men, hallelujah )
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I have screencaps of Zachary Quinto from the episode "Street" from So Notorious. It's probably not dial-up friendly.

stay away from my man-clan )

I also made 8 icons from the episode. 4 are nothing fancy/4 are animated

icons )
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Slashy Screencap Recap of Parasite
Mohinder/Sylar, Nathan/Peter with random appearances. Oh, what fun.

There are major spoilers until it airs tonight.
clickity click )
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Another PicSpam. This time it's dedicated to my Nathan Petrelli with appearances by other characters. Screencaps are from episodes 12 through 16 but excluding 15.

Here there be slash )
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The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of Mohinder and Sylar

Unexpected Picspam )
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Pic spam of Sylar from "Heroes" I have stolen these pictures from everywhere for I am a super villain. Woot!

here )

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