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Title: Knights of Cydonia
Artist: Muse
Spoilers: Five Years Gone
Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes. Wah.
Notes: It didn't come out exactly the way I was hoping. After I would add a few clips into the vid Windows Movie Maker would crash. Because of this, the scenes in the middle are longer than I wanted. I still think that this is a kickass song for this episode so hopefully this will inspire someone to make a good video.

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Procrastination is an evil thing. I need to stop doing it. I have two school projects due this week and I decided to start them on Saturday.

The first project is for my Computer Systems class. We have to make either a minute long movie or a slideshow on a Mac. What I wanted to do was either make a Five Years Gone fanvid to music by Muse or a Sylar vs. Peter vid to "Can't Come Quickly Enough" by the Scissor Sisters but I accidentally deleted half of my episodes off my computer. As a last choice, I used "If Everyone Cared" by Nickelback.

fanvid embedded after cut )

My second project I had to complete was for Advertising Concepts. I had to create an ad campaign for a product I was interested in. I couldn't reallly think of anything I like so I decided to do it on my city. For two days I walked around the town taking pictures. Ugh, so sunburned. I do think it came out pretty well.

campaign )

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