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I have seen Star Trek twice and I loved it. It deserves a shiny new tag and .gif. I think my Watchmen one came out better.
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I made some small 200x100 .gifs. Good for sidebars or profiles. Most of the Minutemen ones are from the opening title sequence so spoilers if you haven't seen that.

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I'm excited that a deal has been reached in the Watchmen lawsuit. Join me in a picspam?

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High-def screencaps from the Watchmen trailer. Feel free to use for whatever. All are 1920x816.

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A Picspam. Because everybody knows these guys are practically triplets.
This will not be dial-up friendly.

making smoking sexy )

give me a big smile )

Javier Bardem )

Robert Downey Jr )

Jeffrey Dean Morgan )
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01-13 Satan's Alley
14-16 Scorcher
17-20 Booty Sweat

i've been a bad bad boy father )

I've also uploaded an mp3 of the Alpa Chino song "I Love Da Pussy" here for download.
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01-05 Wolverin: Origins
06-28 Watchmen
29-32 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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I was looking through YouTube hoping that the ComicCon Watchmen trailer leaked and I found this. Someone made a Heroes fanvid like the Watchmen trailer. So awesome.

Original Watchmen trailer for comparison

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