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So...I just got done watching Day 4 of Torchwood:Children of Earth



Just finished Day 5

Just completely break me why don't you? Tears streaming down my face from the end of Day 4 all the way through Day 5.

Everyone's acting was amazing. Even John Barrowman. The actors who played John Frobisher and Clem were the standout to me.

If that was the last of Torchwood than it was a fantastic swan song. Depressing in a "time to go slice my wrists" way but still fantastic and I loved it.

On the other hand, if there is a season 4 I don't know if I can bring myself to watch it. The interaction and chemistry between Ianto, Jack, and Gwen with a side of Rhys was perfect. If they have a season 4 than so much will have to be changed and that's too much too fast.

My conditions for a season 4?

1)Bring back Ianto. I don't care how fanwavy it is. Just bring him back.
2)Lois should Team Torchwood. She was awesome.
3)Plz continue to write Gwen like this. If Gwen had been this HBIC since season 1 I would have loved her instead of been so annoyed. I now adore Gwen Cooper.
4)Rhys is perfect. Don't change a thing about him.

Thus concludes my rambly rambles.
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