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2010-02-16 09:42 pm
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2009-12-26 10:45 pm
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No Sh*t, Sherlock.

Just got back from Sherlock Holmes and I LOVED IT. As you can see from my new layout. It was so much fun and RDJ and JL have awesome chemistry.
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2008-09-27 11:47 pm

Javier Dean, Jr. PicSpam

A Picspam. Because everybody knows these guys are practically triplets.
This will not be dial-up friendly.

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Javier Bardem )

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2008-08-18 09:59 pm

Tropic Thunder trailers

01-13 Satan's Alley
14-16 Scorcher
17-20 Booty Sweat

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I've also uploaded an mp3 of the Alpa Chino song "I Love Da Pussy" here for download.
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2008-06-02 02:52 am

RDJ icons

01-12 MTV Tropic Thunder Skit
13-15 Iron Man
16-18 Msc Appearances

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2008-05-20 11:10 pm

Downey Jr icons and headers

01-05 Iron Man
06-18 Tropic Thunder
19-24 Other
03 Iron Man headers

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2008-05-19 07:32 pm

Robert Downey Jr is a Sexy Bitch icons

01-14 Iron Man (Possible Spoilers)
15-20 "I Want Love" Elton John video

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2008-05-09 12:30 am

you got DC on my Marvel; you got Marvel on my DC

01-04: The Incredible Hulk
05-16: The Dark Knight
17-44: Iron Man

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